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lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010


2 comentarios:

nealsdown dijo...

Bravo! When I was a little kid in a small conservative town I only got to see cocks in the locker room and pissing at the urinal or at the side of the road. Fortunately, a lot of truckers drove through the town and stopped to piss in the woods. I'd be there when they pulled it out and quite a few of them let me suck a load out of them. That's why these pictures get me so hot.

Gitano Rubio dijo...

Go! A hot friend Nealsdown adventure. I see very hot the guys pissing. I live near the beach and there is a place full of reeds and little route that is perfect for where I perfected my technique suck ;-)
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. A big hug in the distance Neal.
Postscript: In search of perfect suck.